InfoSaaS is now part of MyActiv Limited


InfoSaaS is now part of MyActiv Limited

In March 2021, InfoSaaS, was acquired by Amtivo Group and it has now been incorporated into MyActiv Limited, the UK’s leading cloud-based ISO legal compliance and ISO Management solutions provider.

The Activ software offers practical, easy-to-use solutions for businesses of all sizes. Its modular design means you can add or remove features depending on your business needs – essentially, Activ grows with you!

If you are a current InfoSaaS client, you will have received an email notifying you of the changes that directly affect you with regards to branding, domain changes, and login details. Please note, there has been no change to the functionality of your system, and your email and password will not change.

For technical support, please contact [email protected], or for general enquiries, you can contact [email protected]. You can also call us on 0333 301 9001 (Mon-Fri 9am-5pm).


Introducing Activ

Activ’s solutions are designed to support businesses that take their ISO compliance seriously, however, it also aims to reduce the burden of maintaining their compliance. Two of our most popular systems are:

Activ Comply  

This powerful and simple-to-use solution transforms the complex and arduous task of managing your ISO Legal Compliance. Click here for further information or Book A Demo Here. 

Activ Secure  

Specifically designed to support businesses in achieving and maintaining ISO 27001, Activ Secure provides access to risk assessment templates, automated reporting, production of your statement of applicability, and the creation of action lists, so you can prioritise your resources accordingly. Click here for further information or click here to Book A Demo . 

Our team would be delighted to show you a demo of these systems or to talk through the many ways Activ could help your business to save time, reduce risk and minimise manual effort. If you’d like to find out more, please contact us here.