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Introducing Activ ISO Management System

We understand what it takes to achieve and maintain ISO certification, and our ISO management system software is designed to help you do exactly that.

Through our work as ISO consultants supporting hundreds of UK organisations to achieve ISO certification, we recognised the need for a practical software tool. Activ automates tedious administrative tasks and implements more effective processes. Activ encourages wider involvement and ownership of tasks.

Activ enables you to sail through ISO audits, gain ISO certification, reduce costs, and maximise the benefits of ISO certification and ISO management systems.

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Activ Benefits

Achieving and maintaining ISO compliance is made easier through our suite of ISO management systems.

Whether you’re a small organisation approaching management systems for the first time or a large corporate looking to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your operations, Activ’s powerful and flexible tools can transform the way you manage your resources, ensuring compliance with relevant legislation.

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Reduce business risk

Limit dependence on key staff and minimise the financial and reputational cost of non-compliance.

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Reduce certification costs

Activ clients can save up to 30% on surveillance audits over the medium term.

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Enhance management system performance

Eradicate audit non-conformities and free up teams to focus on continuous improvement.

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Realise management system efficiencies

Activ clients can reduce record keeping and action tracking time by 50% with automated systems, reports and tracking.

Activ Solutions

Activ Certify

Activ Certify is our advanced ISO management suite of tools for organisations seeking ISO certification.

Activ has modules to simplify and improve all aspects of your management system. It provides robust document management, tracking and control with full audit trail and versioning controls. It provides organisations with a clear understanding of each ISO standard within a fully automated system that simplifies ISO deployment.

Compliance teams can use Activ Certify to efficiently manage specific activities such as supplier assessment, customer feedback, complaints and improvement ideas, audits, incidents, HR and company assets.

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Activ Certify Plus

Deploy our complete, flexible ISO certification and compliance system designed for large organisations.

Activ Certify Plus builds upon the core functionality of Activ Certify. It adds advanced ISO management system features that make it suitable for larger organisations, public bodies and corporates with more complex ISO needs. Activ Certify Plus is ideal for supporting significant growth plans and multi-site deployment.

The Activ Certify Plus system can be easily expanded to suit the growing needs of your team and the complexity of your organisation.

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Activ Comply

Ensure your organisation remains 100% compliant with relevant ISO legislation.

Activ Comply is our intelligent legal compliance management tool with an automatic legal register and structured evaluation process that ensures your business remains fully compliant with legislative changes. From quality management and data protection to environmental impact and occupational health and safety legislation, it supports ISO compliance requirements for achieving and maintaining certification.

Activ Comply is backed by our in-house legal team. We actively track new legal requirements, allowing Activ Comply to schedule and allocate compliance assessments automatically. It’s fast, 100% accurate and always up to date.

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Activ Secure

Activ Secure helps information security teams build a robust ISMS from the ground up. Activ Secure is tailored to your IS risk management needs with comprehensive auditing, compliance document management, and compliance with relevant IS legislation.

Activ Secure saves your organisation time, reduces data and information security risks, and provides rigorous information security risk assessment deployment. It supports certificated ISO 27001 compliance and ensures you remain focused on core IS objectives.

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Activ Select

Activ Select is our flexible suite of modules tailored to meet a specific ISO compliance challenge or work together as a complete, fully comprehensive ISO management system.

Activ Select provides access to a wide range of modules that combine into a powerful, comprehensive system. Our professional ISO management system team works in partnership with your organisation, matching your needs and building a tailored system that helps you achieve and maintain ISO certification.

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Client Testimonials

“The External Auditors that have seen the system have been really impressed with it.”

Andrew Montgomery, Technical Manager, Fine Group

“I’d recommend Activ to anyone. It’s a great way of managing ISO.”

Graeme Vincent. Operations director, Biogen.

“Activ is a brilliant tool.”

Sara Spencer, Rajapack

“Activ has significantly increased the speed with which we can modify and implement changes to our management system.”

Paul Harker, Zeta-pdm

“Activ is a fabulous product and it certainly helped us achieve ISO 9001 and ISO 14001.”

Peter McMahon, Operations Director, Ultima Displays

“The Activ software is also easy to use and has been thoughtfully developed. I would have no hesitation in recommending this company.”

Graham Warren, Chief Operating Officer. NYNet Ltd

“An excellent service and an excellent product.”

Jane Moulder, Head of HR, Arch (North Staffs) Ltd

“I just used the Incident Manager to download our incident report and am SO pleased with how the report looks, LOVE Activ!”

Nicola Selway, Modus (Oman)

Build flexible, effective ISO management systems

Our advisers are on-hand to help and would be happy to arrange a no-obligation demo of any software you’re interested in or to answer any questions you may have. Click here to book a demo or click to view our FAQs. You may also be interested in our suite of resources.

Activ is our modular ISO management system developed by ISO experts and supported by our in-house legal team.

We’ve helped thousands of businesses achieve and maintain ISO certification. Discover our Activ Secure, Activ Certify and Activ Certify Plus management systems for ready-to-deploy solutions, or create your own ISO management system with Activ Select.

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