Data protection (GDPR)

Protect personal data, earn data subject trust.

We need to protect personal data in our modern, on-line world. Comprehensive data protection legislation provides a framework for achieving this, and the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) was introduced in May 2018 across Europe. Activ has helped many organisations to properly understand GDPR and to ensure they remain compliant with its many requirements. Within the UK, GDPR is delivered as the UK Data Protection Act 2018 (DPA) under the supervision of the ICO. Regardless of your global location, best practice in data protection will help protect personal data, reassure your customers, and reduce the opportunity of significant financial penalties for non-compliance with the law.

Understanding GDPR’s Requirements

If you acquire, process or store personal data, you should fully understand and be able to demonstrate compliance with GDPR. However, with significant requirements around the assessment of personal data processing, the differing roles of data controllers and data processors, the increased rights of data subjects and the significant penalties if things go wrong, this may seem a complex and daunting subject to address. If help is needed our qualified, experienced data protection specialists would be pleased to assist you with taking control of your compliance.

GDPR Documentation

GDPR specifies a mandatory set of documentation and records that need to be produced and maintained – this is to ensure your organisation can demonstrate that it remains legally compliant with all of its obligations to protect personal data.

The Regulation defines roles and responsibilities, the requirements for privacy notices, the need to examine data process activities, procedures for delivery responses to data subjects’ rights request, procedures for reporting personal data breaches and much more besides.

Thankfully, Activ provides a range of solutions, policies, procedures, forms and informational guides to assist. These have proved to be invaluable for organisations of all sizes and complexities in recent years.

Data Audit Workshops

If you are to be compliant with data protection legislation, you need to identify, categorise and assess all types of personal data. This will include understand why it is acquired, how it is protected, which personnel or systems have access to it, which organisations it is shared with, how long it is retained for, and much more.

The best means of understanding this activity is to a data audit workshop, led by one of our data protection specialists, which will provide a comprehensive understanding of your data estate.

Data Protection Impact Assessments

Article 35 of GDPR requires that Data Protection Impact Assessments (DPIAs) are conducted in certain circumstances. These can be considered to be a focused risk assessment as to how personal data is protected as it passes through a data processing operation.

Our Activ solution provides an intuitive DPIA solution to guide users through the complexity of undertaking such an assessment. The resulting report highlights any issues or areas which require improvement, a report which can optionally be shared with customers, stakeholders or regulators.

Data Subject Rights Requests

Articles 15-21 of GDPR mandate a set of rights for data subjects in relation to the processing, storage and retention of their personal data.

The Activ software service includes a repository and GDPR-compliant workflows which allow any data subject requests which are received to be validated and managed to completion in line with the requirements of the Regulation.

In addition, our GDPR Document Pack includes comprehensive procedures and supporting forms that are easy to customise.