Activ Secure – Information Security Management System

Are you finding it difficult to identify and manage information security risks?

Do you struggle to keep your Statement of Applicability (SoA) up to date?

How are you evidencing the management of information security risks?

Identifying and managing information security risks can be challenging for many organisations which is why we have designed Activ Secure.

Information security risk assessment and analysis are key parts of an Information Security Management System (ISMS) and are vital for ensuring your organisation achieves and maintains ISO 27001 compliance. Activ Secure provides rigorous information security risk deployment and supports ISO 27001 compliance. It is a flexible information security risk management system tailored to your requirements, providing you with threat and vulnerability templates to risk assess your information security assets.


Activ Secure
Activ ISO Management System tailored


Activ Secure helps build a robust Information Security Management System that’s tailored to your risk management needs with full auditing, document management and automatic Statement of Applicability creation.

Activ ISO Management System Timesaving

Time Saving

Activ Secure saves your organisation time, reduces data and information security risks, and provides rigorous information security risk assessment deployment. It supports certificated ISO 27001 compliance and ensures you remain focused on core Information Security objectives.

Activ ISO Management System flexible


Activ Secure is a flexible Information Security Management System. Our team can work in partnership to tailor Activ to your risk management requirements, delivering organisation-wide ISO 27001 controls and automation tools.

Activ Secure – a comprehensive Information Security Management System

Our information security and ISO experts designed Activ Secure, building on decades of experience implementing ISMS and supporting organisations to achieve and maintain ISO 27001 compliance.

  • Full Information Security Management System builds – create and deploy information security risk assessment templates with extensive documentation control.
  • Monitor and manage information security risks – automated reports and action lists provide complete coverage of your risks supporting resource allocation to high-priority areas.
  • Robust ISO 27001 controls and automated Statement of Applicability (SoA) – produce detailed audit trails, records and automated Statement of Applicability for ISO 27001 compliance auditing.

Why choose Activ Secure

Activ Secure has built-in tools for managing key documents and records, implementing best practices for security incidents and maintaining key Information Security objectives.

  • Reduce the amount of time it takes to build and maintain your ISMS. Supports ISO 27001, ISO 27005 and ISO 27017 standards.
  • Deploy accessible templates that are simple to understand and complete. Minimise effort by producing your Statement of Applicability automatically.
  • Increase confidence by ensuring resources are allocated to high-priority areas. Save time through the automation of information security management reports.
  • Simplify the audit process through automatically generated audit trails and easy-to-access records.

Build flexible, effective ISO management systems

Activ is our modular ISO management system developed by ISO experts and supported by our in-house legal team.

We’ve helped thousands of businesses achieve and maintain ISO certification. Discover our Activ Secure, Activ Certify and Activ Certify Plus management systems for ready-to-deploy solutions, or create your own ISO management system with Activ Select.

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