Activ Africa celebrates its 10-year anniversary as an Activ Partner


ActivAfrica are ISO consultants covering many different industry sectors. As resellers of the Activ online compliance platform and providers of ISO consulting services, they target all ISO certified and uncertified companies looking to move to a digital compliance platform to support their ISO management systems.

Based in Africa and the East Coast Islands, ActivAfrica has 25 years’ experience in ISO management system implementation based on business excellence principles.

They have been a reseller of the Activ Online Compliance system for the past 10 years.

A 100% success rate has been identified with regards to ISO certification audits for all companies operating the Activ platform. ActivAfrica is passionate about improving business growth through business excellence and strongly believes that ISO management systems are a critical enabling factor.

What challenges and opportunities needed to be addressed?

ActivAfrica could see companies struggling with ISO compliance in South Africa due to operating paper-based management systems, which were becoming increasingly difficult to manage and are inefficient. They were also looking for a strategic relationship with a compliance software supplier to offer this management software to existing South African customers and to the rest of the African market and East Coast Islands.

ActivAfrica wants to contribute to the increasing manufacturing growth and revival of the African economy by offering Activ, positioning it as a robust digital ISO compliance software system.

How did they first become aware of Activ?

There was an advertisement for Activ Resellers through the Cape Town Chamber of Commerce that was the first introduction to Activ. Shortly after, they met the Activ team during a visit to Cape Town at the beginning of 2013. After receiving Activ system training in Johannesburg in June 2013, they embarked on a journey to sell the Activ software, targeting the Cape Town market only. Since then, the scope has changed and ActivAfrica is now targeting the whole of Africa and the East Coast Islands.

What were the expectations when engaging with Activ?

ActivAfrica was looking for the right fit when choosing a software partner, and Activ presented a comprehensive compliance system developed by ISO experts. The expectation was to develop a long-term strategic relationship with Activ and promote the growth of the Activ software into new markets. The ability to have input into the development of the software and its functionality by providing hands-on feedback from customers to highlight further development opportunities was also crucial to them.

Why did they engage with Activ, and what was it about the Activ offering that was most attractive?

The initial demonstration of the Activ software was very appealing, especially in terms of its simplicity, user-friendliness, and robust functionality. Also, the fact that the software met all the key ISO Standards requirements was a key determining factor. It was clear that Activ would add value to companies and is a software that they were confident to take to market.

What are the details of the relationship with Activ?

The relationship with Activ over the past 10 years has been one of incredible professionalism, interaction, and support. Whether it’s training, pricing or software development initiatives, the level of communication and support is always exceptional and contributes to ActivAfrica becoming increasingly successful at reselling the Activ software.

What is the value of the partnership?

The most value is derived from the fact that Activ understands ISO and understands compliance and business operations, and this expertise is reflected in the Activ software. There is a focus on continuous improvement of the software to reflect the latest requirements of the standards.

How was the onboarding process?

The onboarding process and specifically the training provided was outstanding and allowed ActivAfrica to immediately begin offering the software to potential clients. The support remains seamless, including clarification of functionality issues and is always only an email or call away, and is of the highest standard.

In what ways is Activ particularly helpful?

Activ allows for online implementation work which can reduce costs for the clients, and the software and tools make it simple to use, while remaining aligned to the requirements of the relevant standard.

Were there any parts of the onboarding process or the Activ software itself that worked particularly well?

All the Activ modules are built in a similar way which means that once the user has mastered one module, the others become easier to work with. The “Help” function is incredibly useful and covers all aspects of the software without the need for a cumbersome hard copy manual.

Have there been any unexpected benefits from using the Activ software?

The ability to work remotely during the pandemic allowed for the continuation of the service offered to clients no matter where they were located. A result of this is the continued ability to assist clients remotely and more efficiently in terms of service delivery.

Were expectations of the software met and could immediate benefits be identified?

The expansion into new areas as resellers was an immense benefit and this has now become the backbone of the ActivAfrica business offering.

Are there specific KPIs, measurements, statistics, or ROI data you can share that clearly demonstrates the value of the software?

Significant growth of the customer base demonstrates the value of the software.

Did Activ help them to achieve the intended goal?

Activ has undoubtedly helped ActivAfrica achieve their core objectives and will continue to do so as the partnership further evolves.