Corporate Events

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Corporate Events is a highly experienced event agency producing live event experiences that connect people with brands and inspire audiences. They boast expert in-house event management, creative and technical teams, over £2 million in production equipment, a creative studio and edit suites.

Frequently producing awards shows, product launches, and conferences for big name brands in worldwide locations makes ISO compliance a key selling point for Corporate Events.

We spoke with Jed Bowers, Corporate Events Commercial Director. Whilst the creative team are producing exciting events, Jed is making sure quality, improvement and HR processes are well defined and properly implemented. He uses Activ to keep things under control.

Jed said “We often work with big, blue-chip brands – Nationwide, BMW, Heineken – and just to be considered by the procurement teams of many of those businesses ISO is a prerequisite. Certification is an important way for a business like ours to establish credibility and compete at the top level. We’ve been using Activ for 3 years, and at no point have I ever doubted that we found the right supplier”

“We first looked for a system to help manage ISO 9001 about three years ago. When we saw a demonstration of Activ we immediately understood it could do much more than just manage the compliance process, there were great benefits in documenting our processes and workflows. Our previous structures worked, but they weren’t easily audited. With Activ, everything is recorded in the same way, so there is continuity, and it also promotes best practice.”

“Our ISO certifications wouldn’t have happened as quickly as it did without Activ. Equally, because of the requirements of ISO 9001, we wouldn’t have been able to grow the business as quickly as we did without it.”

Jed Bowers, Commercial Director