Oxford Innovation

Oxford Innovation

Oxford Innovation provides a UK network of Business & Innovation Centres offering flexible, cost-effective office, lab and workshop solutions for over 900 entrepreneurs, start-ups, and SMEs.

The Business & Innovation Centres are managed on behalf of a range of building owners, including local authorities and property investors. Oxford Innovation’s operating model has been refined and developed to deliver a unique blend of financial sustainability and economic outputs for their clients (the building owners), as well as delivering the best possible environment to support their customers (the occupiers).

Elaine Carpenter, Operations Facilitator, is responsible for ensuring all of the Oxford Innovation centres are managed in a consistent, compliant and controlled way, and she uses Activ on a daily basis to make this happen.

“Being certified to ISO 9001, we needed a system to help us implement our management system consistently across our business. Activ provided us with the ideal tool to do this with and has helped to get all of our centres working the same way and operating to the same processes. All of our centre teams have access to the system, which ensures they are up to date with current procedures. We also have the ability to segregate information so individual users only see and act on the information relevant to them. 

“One of the most helpful features we use in the system is the Improvement Log module. It helps us track issues across our network and gives us a perfect audit trail from the initial problem being raised all the way through to the solution being implemented. It also prevents problems arising from improvement work being done that hasn’t been authorised.

“The in-built reports are really useful and allow us to get a real helicopter view of what is going on. For example, we spotted a recurring minor issue with roofing which in turn helped us identify that a bigger capital spend was required to fix the root cause of a problem. This is particularly useful when it comes to budgeting as we can focus our capital spending on areas that will reduce cost and the improved environment for our customers.”

Elaine Carpenter, Operations Facilitator