Asset Manager

Are you managing a large volume of assets, for which you need to track ownership and/or location?

Do your assets require ongoing servicing such as calibration, gas safety or PAT testing?

Developed by compliance experts, Activ Asset Manager enables you to keep track of your assets and all related maintenance activities in one centralised area.

Asset Manager
Automate Scheduling

Automate Scheduling

Create maintenance schedules and issue work plans for engineers.

Ease of Visibility

Keep a central, comprehensive register of all your assets.


Provide access to risk assessments, equipment manuals and permit requirements.

Inventory and Budget Management

Track your costs and manage stock of spare parts.

Reporting Tools

Analyse performance and ensure legal compliance. 

Simple Workflow

Simple Workflows

Simple, easy-to-use tools automatically integrate with other Activ modules.

Asset Manager

The complete asset management tool, enabling you to catalogue your assets and maintain them efficiently with automated scheduling.

Comprehensive Asset Register 

  • Create detailed asset locations and assign to business units 
  • Easily assign asset types and owners
  • Includes options to add costs, installation dates and cost centres 
  • Use alongside Activ’s Improvement Log module to track asset-related issues 

Efficient Asset Maintenance 

  • Create ongoing schedules, with customisable frequencies 
  • Issue work plans for engineers 
  • Track time spent and associated costs 
  • Manage stock of spare parts 

One-click analysis reports 

  • Track stock usage and costs 
  • Monitor engineer job completion rates 
  • View performance by site, asset and location
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Why choose Asset Manager

Asset Manager will save you time and give you peace of mind that your asset maintenance is on track and provide complete visibility of asset ownership, you can use Asset Manager to: 

– Control your organisation’s Assets, including tracking both their owner and location.  Remove the need to keep lengthy spreadsheets, say goodbye to version controlling in Excel

– Manage the maintenance jobs related to your organisation’s assets, and of creating repeating schedules for your organisation’s maintenance Jobs.  Eliminate the need for manually tracking maintenance and calibration.  Automate your schedule and never miss a certificate expiry date again 

– Monitor and maintain your organisation’s Stock, including tracking where Stock is stored, the quantities of Stock stored at each location, and the re-order details of individual Stock items.  If you are tracking stock and costs manually, Asset Manager will streamline that process for you 

Gain control of your asset management with Activ Asset Manager. 

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