How Activ Can Help You

Activ brings together the two essential elements of an efficient management system:

Information Centre

Contains all your management system documents and the instructions that you want people to follow.

Action management

Through a series of linked databases, Activ promotes improvement, keeps your team on track and automates administrative tasks.

Working together, these elements mean that moving your management system into Activ can bring substantial efficiency savings and direct cost reduction opportunities.

Reduced business risk

  • Is your organisation reliant on one or two key people to maintain your management system?
  • Is the running of the management system overly dependent upon documents and records in a file structure that only the Compliance Manager understands?
  • If key staff left the organisation, are you sure that you could maintain continuity?

Clearly map your processes in Activ and link from them to all critical documents so that anyone can access the institutional knowledge

  • Limit over-dependence on key staff.

  • Avoid having to re-build your management system when key staff change.

  • Minimise the financial and reputational cost of non-compliance.

Reduced certification costs

  • Would you like to keep your ongoing certification budget to a minimum?
  • Do you feel that too much time is spent preparing for surveillance audits?

Within Activ, your key management system activity is maintained in a structured and coherent framework that is transparent, easy to access and straightforward to audit.

  • For a well-built management system in Activ a 30-50% reduction in surveillance audit days is realistic in the medium to long term

    • How many days per year are you audited? At what £ day rate? If you reduce that by 30% how much would you save? Your auditor will need to see evidence of your improved efficiency over time, but in 2-4 years you should have the justification to materially reduce surveillance audit days.

    • Fewer audit days also means fewer of your own people’s days lost to unproductive audit attendance activity

  • Near-zero audit preparation time

    • How many days are currently wasted each year gathering information and preparing materials ahead of surveillance audits? In the structured Activ environment, all the information and records are audit-ready at any time.

  • If you use an external consultant to support you at surveillance audits, you can reduce the number of their billable days correspondingly

Improved management system performance

  • Does maintaining certification feel like a burden and an end in itself, instead of being an enabler for continuous business improvement?
  • Do you know you are missing opportunities for improvement because you don’t have a systematic way of capturing and analysing problems?
  • Are audit non-conformities the norm?

Activ’s effective Improvement and Incident Log processes empower you to learn from problems and act on opportunities to improve.

  • Systematic improvement and incident logging with analysis tools

  • Common audit NCs associated with document and record controls are eliminated.

    • How many NCs do you expect at each audit? How much time do you spend on average closing out the corrective actions required?

  • A study led by the School of Environmental & Life Sciences at the University of Salford found that the legislation on the average organisation’s Environmental legal register is only 15% accurate; 46% is out of date or otherwise incorrect and 39% is not applicable. In contrast, a legal register compiled using Activ’s Legal Compliance Manager was found to be 98% accurate on average.

Significant efficiency gains in day-to-day management system tasks

  • Does your compliance manager spend a lot of time chasing overdue actions and manually updating records?
  • Do you feel that your compliance manager is an expensive resource to waste on menial tasks?
  • Is your internal audit schedule too labour-intensive?

Activ’s transparent accountability, automated alerts and reminders and one-click reports and graphs liberate your team from mundane administration

  • Halve the time tied up in the completion of zero-value activity such as chasing overdue actions and manually updating records

    • How many non-value-adding actions per week/month do you routinely manage? They may be individually small, but in aggregate they are significant.

    • As an illustration, the typical compliance manager spends the equivalent of up to one week a year just keeping up to date with environmental/H&S legislation. Slash this to 3 hours with Activ’s Legal Compliance Manager module.

  • More efficient preparation for management review meetings – automated graphs and reports

  • Simplify internal audit activity – finding information and supporting records is easier