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Struggling to manage your ISO compliance process quickly and effectively?

Do you not have the correct tools in place to be able to manage ISO compliance?

Are you lacking time, knowledge, or resources to effectively manage your ISO compliance?

Achieve total control of your ISO compliance management process quickly and effectively with easy-to-use software from Activ. You will save time and reduce your stress with an easy tool that helps you maintain ISO compliance and control ISO risk management.

Activ is a modular suite of ISO management software tools tailored to meet a specific ISO compliance challenge or work together as a complete, fully comprehensive ISO management system.

Activ has been designed to deliver flexible, fully configurable ISO management systems tailored to an organisation’s needs. That means you can optimise your management system for effective ISO certification by creating a bespoke Activ system that prioritises your certification needs.

Below you will find the wide range of modules available in Activ that combine into a powerful, comprehensive system.

Activ Select

Activ Full System Overview

Select the ISO modules you need to achieve and maintain ISO certification and control ISO risk management. Activ ISO management systems are fully tailored, hugely flexible and cost-effective.

ISO Certification Manager

ISO Certification Manager

Build ISO management systems with ISO document and process templates, streamlined workflow and version control built around key audit dates. Includes document and process templates for standards including ISO 9001, ISO 45001, ISO 14001 and ISO 27001.

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ISO Process Manager


Stay on top of system processes with an overview of how your organisation works, including process mapping, file and document linking and task management. Ensures compliance with the ‘Process requirements’ element of ISO 9001.

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ISO File Manager

File Manager

Securely store, access and control ISO management system documentation and records, including version and user control, full audit trail and automatic version stamping.

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ISO Improvement Log

Improvement Log

Benefit from continuous improvement with access to customer complaints, corrective actions and improvement opportunities. Includes progress tracking, action assignment and risk and opportunity reports.

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ISO Business Risk Manager

Business Risk Manager

Reduce risk and maximise opportunities by systematically managing internal and external challenges, specifying controls, and objectively prioritising actions. Fully compliant with ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 27001 and ISO 45001 management requirements.

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ISO Legal Compliance Manager

Legal Compliance Manager

Get intelligent legal compliance management with an automatic legal register, a guided compliance evaluation workflow and one-click automatic evidence pack creation. Includes access to our in-house legal compliance advisor.

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ISO Agreements Manager

Agreements Manager

Centralise and manage contract risk and compliance, with the ability to catalogue and maintain your contracts database and codes of practice. Provides scheduling and conducting audits of compliance, compliance reports and audit management.

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ISO Audit Manager

Audit Manager

Ensure consistent audit practices across your organisation backed with powerful analysis tools. Fully flexible audit templates, one-click reports and the ability to assign and track audit follow-up actions.

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ISO Incident Log

Incident Log

Systematically record reportable incidents with comprehensive detail capture, investigation report creation and the ability to monitor incident trends, frequency and root causes for analysis.

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ISO Customer & Supplier Manager

Customers and Suppliers

Effectively manage third-party relationships including capturing of key information and documentation, streamline supplier approval processes to ensure compliance requirements are met. Create automated customer feedback and supplier performance reports.

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ISO HR Manager

HR Manager

Manage employee records, attendance, performance appraisals and training requirements with automatic reminders. Provide a single, accessible portal for requesting and approving employee absences.

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ISO Asset Manager

Asset Manager

Build and maintain an organisation-wide asset manager, schedule asset maintenance, issue engineer work plans, manage spare part inventory and provide easy access to equipment manuals, permits and risk assessments.

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ISO Teams


Deliver effective information access and reduce security risks with Activ Teams. Control which information users have access to and compare team, site and department performance.

ISO GDPR Compliance Manager

GDPR Compliance Manager

Protect personal data and ensure compliance with GDPR legislation. Create a real-time Statement of Applicability, access a Supplier Capability Assessment framework and deploy real-time reporting and escalation.

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Information Security Risk Manager

Information Security Risk Manager

Information security, data protection and business compliance supporting ISO 27001. Create effective risk-management workflows with real-time reporting, extensive policy and procedure templates, and data protection impact assessment.

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How you could use Activ

SHEQ Auditing

  • Legal Compliance Manager – Build your legal registers, conduct legal compliance audits and stay up-to-date with legislation changes.
  • Audit Manager – Conduct audits to complete physical HSE checks such as equipment safety, and premises fire safety checks.
  • Improvement Log – Track your audit-related corrective actions, log improvement ideas and measure organisational effectiveness.
Health & Safety ISO 45001

Information Security Risk Management

  • ISMS Supplier Manager – Evaluate your supply chain and review its compliance with your requirements.
  • Asset Manager – Identify your Information Assets, track ownership and create risk treatment plans for critical assets.
  • Information Security Risk Manager – Identify and measure the effectiveness of the security controls and produce a real-time Statement of Applicability.
Activ Secure

Quality Management

  • Improvement Log – Track improvement activities and requirements, manage complaints, audit observations and track supplier issues.
  • Audit Manager – Conduct audits, manage your internal audit and management review schedule.
  • HR Manager – Record and track employee training, holidays, performance reviews and attendance.
  • Customer and Supplier Manager – Implement a supplier assessment programme, deploy an approved supplier process and monitor customer feedback.
MyActiv 45001 Checklist

Build flexible, effective ISO management systems

Activ is our modular ISO management system developed by ISO experts and supported by our in-house legal team.

We’ve helped thousands of businesses achieve and maintain ISO certification. Discover our Activ Secure, Activ Certify and Activ Certify Plus management systems for ready-to-deploy solutions, or create your own ISO management system with Activ Select.

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