Agreements Manager

Do you have a large number of contractual or other legal obligations?

Do you have a way of monitoring risk and compliance with these obligations?

Actively manage contract risk and compliance with other obligations and minimise organisational exposure by using Activ Agreements Manager.

Agreements Manager
Centralised Repository

Centralised Repository

Catalogue and maintain your database of contracts, codes of practice and “other” requirements.

Manage Compliance

Manage Compliance

Schedule and conduct audits of compliance, using simple workflow forms.

Monitor Risk

Monitor Risk

Assign a configurable risk profile to all audited requirements.

Straightforward Corrective Actions

Raise follow-up actions direct from within the audit.

Compliance Visibility

Compliance Visibility

Monitor and manage audit activity and compliance status from the dashboard.

Detailed Analysis

Detailed Analysis

Comprehensive automated reports on risk profile and compliance status.

Agreements Manager

Developed by compliance experts, Activ Agreements Manager module provides a simple, systematic way to catalogue, manage and assess compliance with contracts and other obligations that your organisation is committed to complying with.

Contractual and Other Requirements Database

  • Enter and maintain your database of contractual obligations
  • Catalogue any other requirements you abide by
  • Track obligation end dates
  • Map the individual components for which you need to demonstrate compliance

Manage Compliance

  • Set up and conduct formal assessments of compliance with requirements and identify risks
  • Scope and audit of a whole agreement, a subset of requirements, or selected requirements from multiple agreements
  • Assign ownership of audit actions to one or more individuals
  • Efficiently raise corrective actions as part of the audit workflow

One-click Analysis Reports

  • Track exposure using the assigned risk profile of audited requirements
  • Monitor the compliance status of all requirements
  • Track and monitor all associated corrective actions
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Why choose Agreements Manager

Agreements Manager will minimise organisational exposure by actively managing contract risk and compliance with other obligations. You can use Agreements Manager to:

– Catalogue and maintain your database of contracts, codes of practice and “other” requirements.  Remove the need to keep lengthy spreadsheets, say goodbye to version controlling in Excel, stay in control and be aware of your obligations

– Schedule and conduct audits of compliance, using simple workflow forms.  Eliminate the need for manually tracking compliance.  Automate your audit schedule and never miss a review date again

– Monitor risk and corrective actions associated with your obligations, and easily report on performance vs commitment.  Reduce exposure to financial penalties and reputational damage

Gain control of your contractual and other legal obligations with Activ Agreements Manager.

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