Incident Log

Are you aiming to encourage incident and near-miss reporting across your organisation?

Do you have a simple way of associating incidents with required corrective actions?

Would you like a central repository where you can monitor progress and run detailed analysis reports?

Systematically record the critical details of all incidents and easily compile comprehensive investigation reports with Activ Incident Log.

Incident Log
Structured Form

Structured Form

Use a structured form to systematically record the critical details of all incidents.

Investigation Reports

Investigation Reports

Compile investigation reports including witness statements and photographs.

Link To Activ Modules

Link To Other Activ Modules

Create or link to Activ’s Improvement Log module to assign actions and track progress.

Automated Reminders

Automated Reminders

Specify default review dates with reminders.

Configurable Alerts

Configurable Alerts

Use configurable alerts to ensure relevant staff are notified when an incident is raised.

Investigation Reports


Monitor trends, pareto root causes and produce incident frequency reports.

Incident Log

Developed by compliance experts, Activ Incident Log is a self-contained tool allowing you to log, act on and analyse accidents, near misses and other incidents in your organisation.

Easy-to-use electronic form

  • Configurable drop-down menus ensure data capture consistency
  • Mobile-friendly version allows incidents and near misses to be raised quickly
  • Desktop version enables comprehensive investigation notes to be added
  • Version control tracks all changes, leaving a detailed audit trail

Detailed Reporting Tools & Configurable Options

  • Track frequency rates of reportable accidents and injuries
  • Reporting tool enables data to be analysed by key areas, including site, types of incidents and severity
  • Configurable settings allow incidents of any type to be captured
  • Exportable data, with options to PDF individual incidents and their associated actions
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Why choose Incident Log

With a simple-to-use form and options for both mobile and desktop use, Activ Incident Log module encourages a culture of reporting incidents and near misses.

Coupled with detailed analysis reports and alerts and reminders, the Incident Log module will enable you to both streamline your incident management workflows and spot opportunities for improvement without the need for complex spreadsheets. This will save you time and increase efficiency.

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