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We understand the critical need for businesses to efficiently and effectively, remain compliant. That’s precisely where our innovative Activ Comply and Activ Certify compliance management and monitoring software solutions come into play – geared towards supporting your ISO management and compliance needs.

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What compliance and ISO management system software does Activ provide?

Activ Comply serves as your proactive legal ally. This simple regulatory ISO compliance software actively monitors and updates you on new legislation specific to your ISO standards, delivering real-time notifications through our user-friendly platform. Activ Comply is your key to fostering a culture of continuous improvement and ensuring that your business consistently adheres to industry regulations.

Activ Certify serves as your comprehensive ISO management system, saving you time and money by automating administrative tasks and providing tools to implement effective processes to achieve and maintain ISO certification. Activ Certify streamlines the certification journey, ensuring your business meets and exceeds industry standards effortlessly. It is a modular, cloud-based, business ISO compliance software solution which can be tailored to meet your specific ISO standard requirements.

Why choose Activ Comply?

Build tailored legal registers:

Recognising the uniqueness of each business, Activ Comply is a compliance management tool that provides legislative updates which are specific to your business, following the completion of an in-depth questionnaire about your business, industry and the ISO standards you want to achieve or maintain, to build your ISO legal register.

Receive real-time notifications about legal updates:

Activ Comply’s compliance monitoring tool ensures your business is always in sync with the latest legal update changes with real-time notifications about updates. This ensures that you are kept up to date and can address potential ISO legal compliance risks before they escalate, reducing financial risks.

Understand legislation in plain English:

Our expert legal team translate all legislative changes into plain English within the compliance management platform Activ Comply, so updates are easy to understand. This will save you time and energy trying to work your way through legal jargon, so you can focus on addressing new requirements.

Talk with a legal expert when you need support:

Should you require the advice of a legal expert at any point in relation to ISO regulatory compliance, our superb Legal team are on hand to answer any questions you may have.



Why choose Activ Certify?

Eliminate unnecessary costs:

Activ Certify company compliance software has been developed by ISO experts, to assist organisations in understanding ISO requirements and facilitating the in-house development of ISO management systems, eliminating the need for expensive external consultants.

Reduce stress:

Activ Certify provides step-by-step guidance to build an ISO-compliant management system and allows you to manage all your ISO requirements easily in one place, making ISO management a breeze. Our Activ Certify ISO compliance management tool supports all ISO Standards, including ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 27001, ISO 45001 and ISO 22301.

Focus only on your business requirements:

Our wide range of modules allows you to tailor your ISO compliance application to your organisation’s specific ISO needs. These include modules for managing:

●        Agreements

●        Assets

●        Audits

●        Business Risk

●        Customers & Suppliers

●        Files & documentation

●        GDPR Compliance

●        Human Resources

●        Improvements

●        Incidents

●        ISO Certification

●        Processes

Ace ISO audits:

Our flexible and fully configurable ISO compliance management application provides a comprehensive library of template policies, procedures, and forms, all of which allow your business to implement seamless processes to meet industry best practice standards and present evidence for ISO standards audits, to achieve and maintain ISO certification.

Explore our many modules mentioned above to understand their capabilities and identify which ones would best suit your business and ISO management system requirements. You can also book a demo so we can show you exactly what our Activ Certify software can do.

Save valuable time:

Stay on top of your ISO commitments effortlessly by automating tiresome administrative tasks and setting up notifications to ensure timely completion of requirements and proactive management of due and overdue assignments.

Access support if you need help:

Activ Certify is a very user-friendly system, but should you require support at any point, you can explore our in-depth user guides or speak with a member of our friendly support team.

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