Introducing Andrew Clark, our Technical Manager

Andrew Clark

Andrew is the man behind the Activ product in terms of software conceptualisation, design, and development, and is the longest-serving member of the Activ team. Andrew was first employed to create a database for cost management and has previously been directly involved in the production environment of BS5750, prior to it becoming ISO 9001. Andrew’s technical expertise has helped to contribute to Activ’s evolution and journey to becoming the exceptional SaaS (Software as a service) company it is today.

After 34 years in the IT sector, Andrew started working for Activ in 2002 and created the Activ knowledgebase, an exceptional source of valuable content, providing clients with continuous updates and access to the ‘support hub’.

Andrew explains; “Through the integration of the modules available in the Activ suite, there is a synergy that allows the client to not only manage their ISO certifications but to manage their business through best practice, this is done through transparency and giving users the authority to do their jobs.”

How does Andrew perceive the evolution of Activ so far?

There have been significant developments at Activ from both a product and market perspective. Activ first started serving mainly small organisations with three to four users. Activ currently serves large organisations with several hundred users. The continuous development of the software with added functionalities means that it can now also serve much larger organisations with different product demands and expectations.

In Andrew’s opinion, what are the core USPs for Activ?

  • Ownership: Activ gives you full software ownership with no ‘walled garden’, providing you with best practice tools to help you concentrate on running your business.
  • Knowledgebase: The bespoke Activ knowledgebase created by Andrew is second to none and is regularly kept up to date with many easy-to-find articles, images, and plug-ins. The extensive level of information and content makes this an invaluable feature.
  • Support: The support provided to clients is personal, thorough, and tailored to each use case.
  • User Experience (UX): The whole user experience (UX) of Activ is seamless.

How does Andrew want to see Activ evolving in the future?

The ability for the software to generate live updates would be a major development for Activ. Also, a redevelopment of the modules has enhanced module functionality.

Activ will always be attractive to smaller organisations who need the correct software tools but is also now taking on much larger organisations. SaaS is also becoming more popular and more easily recognised.