Introducing Andy Beverley, our Group Development Director

Andrew Beverley

Andy Beverley, Activ’s Group Software Development Director is an entrepreneurial software developer with a solid technical background. This, coupled with a strong entrepreneurial flair has led him to become involved with multiple tech start-ups, one of which was InfoSaaS which later became Activ.

As the Group Software Development Director, what developments has Andy felt have been most influential for the Activ software?

Bringing development capability and expertise into Activ has had a significant influence on the software, specifically in terms of optimising its functionality and web application. Also, the transformation of Activ into a more widely used software which manages ISO compliance to include many more ISO standards has been vital. The continuous improvement of the software capability and regular system updates has also played a big part.

In Andy’s opinion, what does he perceive the Activ USPs to be?

Coupled with software development expertise, Activ is backed by the wider Amtivo Group which offers access to additional resources, and expertise in other areas, including ISO certification.

How does Andy perceive the evolution of Activ so far?

The Activ software is continually broadening its functionality, covering a wide range of ISO standards as well as establishing its tech standing in the market.

How does Andy see Activ evolving in the future?

Andy sees the Activ software continuing to strengthen its position within the market as a slick, easy-to-use, reliable software whilst retaining its core offering. Andy would like to see Activ become the ‘go-to’ reliable ISO compliance software that everyone turns to for the majority of their ISO compliance management needs. Andy explains; “I look forward to seeing Activ cement its position as the most efficient and reliable ‘go-to’ ISO compliance management software.”