Maintaining ISO compliance during social distancing measures: Remote auditing

Whilst adjusting to new working practices, many businesses have been taking the opportunity to organise and better maintain their ISO compliance processes with the help of Activ’s management tools.

As well as adjusting to working from home, adhering to the framework of these ISO certifications and ensuring you are collecting and storing all the right information can quickly become overwhelming. Not to mention, if you need to compile physical paperwork or documents that are spread amongst different people or departments… working in isolation might actually make this impossible.

Activ gives you the tools to build and run an integrated management system that will prompt you on actions and workflows, ensuring you are continuously complying with ISO standards and legislation.

Most importantly right now, having an online compliance management system opens the door for remote auditing. With everything centralised and documented online, there is no physical meeting needed for an auditor to assess whether your management processes are in place.

Auditing and ISO compliance activities do not need to be put on hold

The Audit Manager module from Activ optimises your internal audit process and will allow a remote audit of either suppliers or company management systems and procedures. It ensures audit consistency with easy-to-use forms and checklists, including auditor guidance and evidence capture features.

Main Features

  • A suite of ready-made audit templates and checklists, or design your own
  • Flexible audit plan scheduling
  • Simple, effective audit report workflow
  • A one-click comprehensive PDF audit report
  • Powerful analysis reports
  • Tools for assigning and tracking corrective actions

Ensuring that audits are conducted consistently despite working from home

Activ’s Audit Manager is the complete audit planning, execution, and review solution, providing total audit control. With the remotely accessible Audit Manager module, your internal auditors will be able to continue to work through their audit schedule and create any corrective actions during the audit.  The audit review process is via electronic sign-off, removing the need for any documents to be emailed and updated.  Over time, your audit programme can be optimised using analysis reports that highlight where the risks are, and all previous findings easily accessible during the audit workflow

Secure access to documents while working from home is a crucial factor for many companies. For this purpose, Activ software also has a File Manager module which integrates seamlessly with all other modules. It allows users to locate the documents they need, whilst access to sensitive information is controlled by setting individual user permissions.

ISO compliance management system can continually be controlled and improved remotely. Book a free demo to find out more or get a quote tailored to your company needs.